Sunday Night Adventures

Session 3 recap

After recuperating from their bloody fight outside the hidden cave entrance to the Redbrand hideout, the adventurers decided to let things cool off a bit in town and went in search of the missing dwarf Gundren.

They found two dead horses on the road near where the party had been ambushed by goblins. The horses had beeen stripped, including an empty map case, and Gundren and Sildar where nowhere to be seen. Using the skills of their ranger, they followed a trail left by the goblins, nimbly avoiding several traps left behind.

Arriving at a cave with a stream running out of it, they quickly despatched two inattentive goblin guards and entered he cave. They found two wolves chained near the entrance, and further inside saw a goblin trying ineptly to hide on a bridge above them. They killed the guard, but not before he shouted something to a room behind him. A few moments later a thunderous rush of water came pouring down the tunnel. The nimble party was able to grab on to rock outcrops and avoid getting washed away.

After climbing up a rocky escarpment, the group found a room full of goblins, with a human bound and gagged at the feet of a larger goblin. The leader was quickly dispatched, and the rest of the goblins were eliminated without much trouble. The human turned out to be Sildar, Gundren’s companion. He expressed concerns about Gundren’s safety, and the group set off in search of Gundren.

Following the cave tunnel, they found the source of the rush of water; three large cisterns with several goblins standing by to release them on intruders. The group attacked, and one goblin ran into the next room, saying, “Klarg will destroy them!”

In the next room they found Klarg, a large bug bear, and several more goblins. The barbarian planted himself at the entrance, and protected by a sanctuary spell from the dwarf cleric and by efficient dodging, he was once again able to occupy their enemies while the rest of the group picked them apart.

In the room they found many crates of stolen items bearing the mark of the Lionshield Coster. They also found a small amount of treasure. They did not find any evidence of Gundren. Sildar told them in dismay that all he knew was this tribe of goblins was named the Cragmaw tribe, after their home, somewhere in the Neverwinter Woods. Letting loose the wolves, the party returned to Phandelver.


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